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The guy behind the guy, behind the guy, behind the guy

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Music is my religon

Hip Hop you the love of my life

We are all the same beneath the surface. -Keith Richards

Its okay letting yourself go, just as long as you can get yourself back. -Mick Jagger

Keith Richards once said "Nobody's got the right to judge over what I am putting into my body, apart from myself."

One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain. So hit me with music, burtalize me with music.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind. -Bob Marley

Fuck the cops, this Hip Hop shit controls the streets of the Golden State, I'm a proud resident and when I'm old and grey I'ma still represent this coast line and toast the Napa Valley Wine is some of the finest and gets better with time. -Pep Love
a tribe called quest, abercrombie girls, ac/dc, acoustic, adrenaline rushes, aesop, afi (old stuff), agent orange, andre nickatina, audioslave, avenged sevenfold, backcountry riding, bad religion, beaches, beer, beer bongs, bike parks, billabong, black sabbath, blackalicious, bmx, boating, bob dylan, bob marley, bob's big boy, bonfires, burton, california, chevy, cigars, cky, classic rock, concerts, cream, creedence clearwater revival, cunninlynguists, de la soul, del the funky homosapien, dilated peoples, dio, dirt jumping, downhill mountain biking, dropkick murphys, dvs, electric visual, equipto, eric b. and rakim, eric clapton, eternal snow, fat tire, ferrari, fireworks, fox racing, futurama, ghostface killah, girls, going fast, graffiti art, grouch, gza, hackey sack, hieroglyphics crew, hip hop, inspector gadget, iron maiden, jack johnson, jimi hendrix, jurassic 5, k2, king of the hill, kool aid, led zeppelin, legos, line skis, living legends, mac dre, mack dawg, mammoth, matchstick productions, metallica, movies, my boat, my dogs, my homer boxers, n.w.a., nba, neil young, new world disorder, old nickelodeon, opio, pennywise, pep love, phish, pink floyd, planet asia, poker, polaris, powder days, ps2, pulley, quicksilver, race face, rage against the machine, rails, reggae, ride the lightning, rza, scarface, single track, skiing, sleeping, snapple, snowboarding, snowmobiling, social distortion, souls of mischief, soundgarden, specialized, standard films, stevie ray vaughn, stone temple pilots, sublime, sunspot jonz, swingers, swollen members, tattoo's, teenage mutant ninja turtles, terrain parks, the clash, the deftones, the doors, the eagles, the filmore, the grateful dead, the kamikaze at mammoth, the misfits, the ramones, the rat pack, the rolling stones, the simpsons, thin lizzy, tom petty, urban golf, vegas, volcom, wakeboarding, weed, whistler, wu-tang, zion-i